DIY Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

How to Make a DIY Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

Do you know how to make a DIY foot soak with epsom salt? Foot soaks, besides warming up your feet and helping you relax, have a bunch of other benefits. It is believed that by using the right ingredients, foot soaks can boost your immune system, stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and aid in maintaining a proper foot care routine.

Epsom salt is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries as a remedy for physical aches and pain. The truth is that Epsom salt is rich in Magnesium Sulfate, which, absorbed through the skin during foot soaks, can help alleviate several problems.

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Benefits of Epsom Salt Foot Baths

There are even a few studies backing up the benefits of using Epsom salt foot soaks, although more research is needed in this direction. The great thing is they are simple to make using an all-natural ingredient and it takes just 15 to 20 minutes soaking your feet. Here are some benefits of an epsom salt foot soak:

1. Exfoliates the Skin

If you’re dealing with dry skin on your feet, a foot soak with Epsom salt can be a good way to soften them up. Also, rubbing your feet with the salt can help remove dead skin cells, due to the coarse nature of the salt.

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2. Reduces Bad Odor

After wearing shoes for an extended period, your feet may not smell the greatest. In most cases, the bad odor is triggered by the multiplication of bacteria living on the skin, which thrive in warm and moist environments. Since foot soaks with Epsom salt will kill the bacteria responsible for the foul odor, your feet will be refreshed and clean each time. Using this remedy periodically will prevent the bad odor from returning.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Some claim that Epsom salt foot soaks can diminish inflammation, most commonly met among people suffering from gout or arthritis. It is believed that the magnesium absorbed during these foot baths helps with the remineralization of the body, reducing inflammatory processes. However, there is no solid proof that this is indeed a valid affirmation.

4. Prevents the Appearance of Athlete’s foot

If you’re dealing with the condition of Athlete’s foot, this type of foot soak may help ease the unpleasant symptoms created by this condition. While the foot soak will not heal the condition, it may draw out moisture from your feet, making the environment less desirable by funguses. This is why this foot soak may help you prevent the appearance of Athlete’s foot.


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How to Make a DIY Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

Now it is time to make an easy foot soak to relieve aching feet, soften rough skin, flush out toxins, and detoxify the skin! It is recommended not to do this foot soak on a daily basis, as Epsom salt can make your skin dry. Using this foot soak once or even twice a week is enough to obtain good results without over drying skin.


  • 1/2 cup Epsom Salt
  • Foot Basin with warm water
  • Towel

Foot Soaking Bath Basin - Large Foot Soaking Tub Foot Bath Spa Wash Basin Foot Bucket Foot Soaking Tub Feet at Home (Blue)


Step 1: Fill a small basin or foot tub with warm water until it reaches your ankles.

Step 2: Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to this water and swirl to mix in, the salt will start to dissolve.

Step 3: Put your feet in the basin or foot tub and allow them to soak for the next 15 to 20 minutes, or until the water becomes too cool.

Step 4: When the time is up, dry your feet with a clean towel and apply moisturizer.

It is best to purchase Epsom salt that is USP grade, this grade has been certified by the FDA. While the various Epsom salt varieties on the market are the same from a chemical point of view, they may be of different grades so check the label before buying. Here is my favorite brand.

Do Epsom Salts Really Work? Video

Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, is a mineral compound that can contain other compounds. Many people use it for their baths because of its detoxifying properties. It also has many other uses around the house. One of these is to soak your feet in Epsom salt water to help get rid of calluses and make feet smoother. This process works because the magnesium found in Epsom salts helps relieve aches and pains while drawing out impurities from skin pores and removing dead skin cells which makes skin look better overall. If you have foot pain this is something you might want to try out!

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