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March 3, 2021

What To Put In A Foot Bath?

What to Put in A Foot Bath_

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Would you like to enjoy a foot bath, but you don’t know what ingredients to use to get the expected results? The best part about foot baths is that they can be customized to meet your needs. So, if you are unaware of what to put in a foot bath, read on.

There isn’t one particular recipe that should be used at all times. You can change the ingredients as you please, based on the kind of footbath and benefits you would like to enjoy. Not to mention that you don’t need to visit a spa to get your feet soaked properly. Just take a look below and see how to make foot baths work for you.

What Should I Put In A Foot Bath?

Getting Rid of Swollen Feet

Do you experience swollen feet quite often, especially after a long and exhausting day? Believe it or not, you need two ingredients only to make a foot bath that will make you feel better in a matter of minutes. You need two foot tubs or recipients that allow you to comfortably place your feet inside and two buckets of water, one with hot water and one with cold water. The hot water should be something you can take during a foot bath, without getting burned or experiencing discomfort. Pour the hot water in one foot tub and the cold water in the other.

Start by soaking your feet for 10 minutes in the hot water tub. Then take them out and place them in the cold water tub for another 10 to 12 minutes. Finally, end the foot bath by spending 5 more minutes in the hot water tub. The different temperatures will stimulate blood flow in your feet and will reduce the swelling and “tired” feet sensation.

Dealing with Dry Skin

Dry skin on the feet is a problem many women fight with. The good news is that you can find a great ally against dry skin in the form of foot baths. To get rid of dry skin on the feet, especially in the heel area, enjoy warm feet soaks with baking soda. However, it is not a good solution if you have sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies because baking soda can cause irritations.

Adding two to three tablespoons of baking soda to your footbath will help you remove dry skin with ease. Make sure the water is warm enough, as you’ll have to soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. To finish the procedure, apply a foot balm in the end and protect your feet with socks.

Fighting Against Inflammation

Are you wearing heels quite often, experiencing unpleasant inflammation episodes? Then you should try an Epsom salt foot bath. This is a great remedy for painful and inflamed feet, inducing a state of relaxation, and helping you focus better. Two to three tablespoons of Epsom salts added to your foot bath are enough to do the trick.

Soaking your feet in this water for 10 to 15 minutes will make you feel great. However, it is important to remember to always moisturize your feet after such a foot bath, because Epsom salts can make the skin dry.

Ideal When Tired and Stressed

When you’re exhausted and tensed, you would give anything for a remedy that could make you feel better. A footbath improved with herbs or essential oils and Epsom salts will make the world look like a better place in an instant.

You will need two tablespoons of Epsom salts, one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and some herbs or 3-6 drops of essential oils. You may choose between rosemary, mint, or lavender.

If doing an herbal foot bath, try placing the herbs inside a cloth before putting them in the water will prevent them from floating around if you dislike this aspect. Besides relaxing, this foot bath will also detox your skin and give it a healthier appearance.

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What to Put in A Foot Bath?